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"My sweet angel, how very much I wish I could be there holding you and caring for you ... it is not easy to keep my tears inside Claudia. The love I feel for you is so bigger than I am able to hold ... you are my strength and my weakness, I never before have been so deeply loved ... you touched so deeply, it frightened me at times that I have no control over how you make me feel ... ah, but it is a sweet good fear that I love to swim in, because for that fear - baby I know you never would hurt me. I can trust you so happily, I allowed you so deep and really it is no matter of 'allow', because as I said, I love the way you love me and I can have no control."

(Gary on June 20, 2002 - written by Gary when he had an execution date for June 27, 2002
and he thought that I will get this letter only after his execution.)

When I wrote my first letter to Gary on June 27, 2000 I already put his picture together with a Texas map in a frame, for me to know, whom I am writing to and where Gary lives
Gary mit seinen Brüdern
Gary with his brothers James, Evan Jr. and Alan
Ein süßer unschuldiger kleiner Junge Ein süßer unschuldiger kleiner Junge
A sweet innocent little boy
Gary als Teenager
Gary as a teenager
Gary mit seinem Bruder Michael
Gary with his brother Michael
Gary in January 1990, a month before the crime happened
Gary on death row (mid 90s)

Our first visits in 2000

Gary had an execution date for November 8, 2000 and we wanted to meet before they kill him. We both were so very nervous before that first visit, but it was so good to finally see each other, to talk to each other and to find out that we did not only fall in love in letters with a fantasy.

"I only have 10 days left to live, but this is the best day of my life", Gary on October 30, 2000 during our first sweet visit October 31, 2000 - Halloween in prison. We had lots of fun, but it was sad as well because we thought that they will kill Gary in 9 days
November 6, 2000 - 2 days before Gary's scheduled execution. Gary was too disappointed and depressed to smile into the camera. A few hours after this picture was taken we heard that Gary got a stay November 7, 2000 - Now Gary could smile again and we both were so happy. It was the sweet day Gary asked me if I would want to marry him if he ever will get off
November 13, 2000 - What a blessing: 5 days after Gary's scheduled execution we were allowed one more visit

"The Facts"

Nov. 1, 2000 - Gary during an interview with "The Facts". Gary had no hope left anymore and I never saw such sad eyes before.

In 2001 and 2002 I visited Gary as often as possible

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