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Gary's last letter

Three hourse before he was killed, Gary wrote his final letter to me from the death house. Father Walsh handed me the letter while I was waiting for Gary's phone call in the Hospitality House. When Gary finally called he apologized that the letter only was so short. Gary said that he actually wanted to write more, but he had no time. They kept him busy in the death house. Chaplains were praying with Gary, his lawyer was visiting with him, then he was served his last meal and finally he was able to make some phone calls.

On the envelope Gary just wrote down his name, no sender address, because he knew that I never ever again can write back to him.


death house
3:22 pm

My beautiful Claudia,

I love you and I am with you and our lord Jesus is with you, just a few lines via air mail to remind you that I am so in love with you and thankful for all we've built and healed together ... the ride over was hot and cramped but everything is well here in the cell and I am at peace and long to hold your hand. We will remain joined my darling and I ask you to forgive Texas and the USA and focus on peace Claudia. Don't hold anger ... life can still be beautiful.

Had me from Hello.
I miss my friend.

Gary's final letter to the CCADP

Walls Unit
Death house

Dear Dave and Tracy,

Here at the Walls, left Claudia at Polunski ... hard to keep everything brave and strong ... what a beautiful woman my wife is ... I am deeply grateful you guys hooked us up and it has been true life in this system of death - to share with my sweet Claudia has been the very best years of my life. Thank you for taking care of Claudia because she healed me and made me strong.

I encourage you to continue to fight the good fight, you do make a world of difference and I am not sure what else to say but thank you.

God bless You.
Love & Respects
Gary Etheridge

Gary's final letter to his penpal Ilaria from Italy

August 20th

My dear little Sister,

Just a quick line to let you know I love ya and I am deeply grateful for the true friendship we've shared. Here are your pictures, I've loved to sit and share time with you in your pictures.

I'll be there for you if God allows. Please take care of my Claudia and take care of you too.

Ti voglio bene
big hug & kiss

Gary's final letter to his penpal Linda from Holland

August 20th

Dear Linnie,

Love ya girl, I'm out of here, I'll have Claudia send this to you, I've shred all letters ... but our friendship lives in spirit.

I cannot do "Goodbye" Lin, it is so hard to not cry in front of Claudia ... so please ... allow me to exit with my tough guy persona ... you know me Lin, you know am grateful for the true friend you've been.

Big hug and kiss
I love ya

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