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What happens with your money if the court denies

We really don't want to think about this yet but if the court denies Gary's request for a new state habeas corpus we will use the money for the funeral and overpass of his body to Germany. If Texas designs to kill one more innocent man on death row then Gary doesn't want to be buried in the state of Texas or anywhere else in the United States. If the dreams he shares with his wife Claudia never come true and he never gets the chance to live with her in Gemany then at least he wants to be buried in Munich which is Claudia's home town. 

So in the event that the court decides to kill Gary Etheridge all money donated to Gary's defense will be put toward his funeral and to fly him home to at least be near his wife in death. Gary wants to be buried at the cemetary near Claudia's home.

If there is more money on Gary's defense account than needed the surplus money will be donated to the Texas Defender Service which is a non profit organisation that helps prisoners on death row. The Texas Defender Service has already been a great help for Gary. They did it for free and we would like to donate them some money, but cannot afford it yet.

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