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Drawings by Gary

"I love you Claudia. You are THE ONE TRUE COMPLETE LOVE in my heart, soul and life. I know that there have been times that you maybe thought I am an asshole or that I only wanted 'my way' from you ... but please understand that living in this cage causes some stress and needs that may seem strange or troubling to you folks in the free - but hey - I know that you have been very understanding and supportive ... you truly have been my hero and my source for peace, love, hope and hot delicious dreams."

(Gary on June 20, 2002 - written by Gary when he had an execution date for June 27, 2002 and he thought
that I will get this letter only after his execution.)

I love the drawing of the rainbow, the hearts and the musical notes. This drawing unites everything that meant so much to Gary: Hope, the love he felt for me and the music we shared
Gary liked to draw on his envelopes. He had a tattoo of Tweety on his right upper arm You had me from Hello
Gary's Valentine's gift for me in 2001: A drawing of a teddy bear, holding a heart tight together with the "key to his heart"
February 27, 2001 - The day we got married Gary gave me a wonderful drawing of a rose and a heart. Gary did not draw it by himself but he ordered it especially for me. Gary felt that he's not able to draw roses ... that was the reason why he instructed another inmate what to draw for me
Gary in March 2001
Each letter from Gary was like a present for me
I am a big huge Elvis fan since his music was my first love. On May 19, 2001 when I visited Gary together with his daughters Britttany & Brandi he gave me this Elvis drawing. The pattern around the drawing is the pattern from our wedding rings. Gary was so happy when we got married and so proud to wear a wedding ring and of course he loved the pattern of it. Brandi said before the visit that she does not like Elvis because he's old-fashioned but when she saw the drawing she was amazed. Brandi stared at the Elvis drawing and said with respect in her little voice "that's beautiful !"
A few days later Gary sent this drawing for me to the Motel. Another rose for me ... I don't think that Gary was not able to draw roses ...
"I only need out of this cage ... I believe we will survive and have a future together. I hunger for my life with you and my dreams each day of life with you will come true ... and the love and need you have for me ... that is so very precious and meaningful to me." (Gary in July 2001)
"I have searched for you all my life ... I have needed you ... now you are here in my soul healing me and made me alive, whole ... happy ... I'll be true to you, I'll be a good man and best friend ... if we can survive this situation we are in now then we can & will handle all else!" (Gary in January 2002)

(Gary on June 20, 2002 - written by Gary when he had an execution date for June 27, 2002 and he thought
that I will get this letter only after his execution.)

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