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Gary's Testament


Last Will and Testament of Gary Wayne Etheridge

I, Gary Wayne Etheridge, of sound mind and competence to render this; my Last Will and Testament and testate succession hereby swear by witness and notary public as follows:

  1. Upon my death by execution in and by the State of Texas I wish for my remains to be immediately delivered to the possession of my wife Claudia Etheridge to be by Claudia Etheridge transfered from Texas to Munich Germany to Passauer Str. 29, 81369 Munich Germany.

  2. I, Gary Etheridge, pass (forward) ALL RIGHTS, BELONGINGS, INTERESTS and DECISIONS to my wife Claudia Etheridge as permitted by right of testate succession and any endeavors or matters about me or in my name are the property of my wife Claudia Etheridge to decide or adjudicate.

  3. I leave no other testate succession to any other person, period. However, subject to Claudia Etheridge's determination and adjudiciation ... any rights or belongings or moneys Claudia might wish to release to my biological daughters Brittany Renee Etheridge and Brandi Michelle Etheridge may be done only upon the individually acquired age of 18 of Brittany and Brandi and with the condition to release only upon Claudia's terms and requirements, and this is only IF there is some financially successful endeavor Claudia wishes to share with my daughters. In plain language ... it is completely Claudia's decision. Period.

  4. In the event of my death by state sanctioned murder; i.e. lethal injection - execution ... should the matter of Gary Wayne Etheridge vs. The State of Texas be pursued and my actual & or factual innocence established, I assign all benefits or settlements from lawsuits or compensation for my wrongful death to Claudia Etheridge my wife, and I encourage Claudia to challenge this matter as convenient to her ... and to enlist the assistance of competent counsel to pursue such lawsuit which violate Claudia's rights under various international human rights conventions established by the United Nations & or European Union; or other authority or jurisdiction.


For as I sat locked in a cage among the living-dead, by Gods Grace I was granted a ray of hope, a beam of light to my darkened desperate situation ... a chance to love as God designed our hearts to do, a chance to trust, to believe in and embrace the sweetest love of my entire life. Claudia Etheridge is the angel God sent specially to me that before I die I may taste life love and peace ! I praise God for the gift of Claudia's true love and friendship.


Gary W. Etheridge
Attestant - declarant
this 31st day of May 2002

Richard McKee
Notary public

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